Freedom Bricks

We envision the Freedom Ranch as a leader in the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Community, utilizing all feasible resources in providing treatment and recovery services to the maximum number of alcoholics and addicts possible. We cannot do this without your generous donations, Our Dream, is to build a new facility and it all starts one brick at a time. Your bricks will be memorialized on the building or walk of fame surrounding the Freedom Ranch tree. These bricks will be incorporated in the construction efforts and live on as your permanent contribution for years to come. All proceeds from these bricks will benefit the expansion effort. For More Information Please Visit the Brick Information Site By Clicking the Link Below.

Together we can save lives

Freedom Ranch never turns a man away for his inability to pay. We rely on support from generous donors to help feed, house and treat the men who have given all to alcohol and drug addiction. Support comes in through in-kind donations, small donations, and large gifts. Whether you would like to give a few dollars toward feeding a man at Freedom Ranch, pay for a bed, or leave a lasting legacy that will help thousands of men in the future, all support is greatly appreciated.



of residents have a history of incarceration


have tried other programs 


are clean and sober in follow up interviews 

The need has never been greater

Freedom Ranch needs your help more than ever, because so many men need our help. The population of San Diego County has more than doubled since we opened our doors over 40 years ago, and the number of beds in the region has hardly increased to meet increased need for service.

Despite ever-deepening State and County cutbacks, we need to fund our ongoing work and expansion plans. We’ve already purchased additional acreage to enable us to serve and save many more lives. But we still need to pay for the permitting and construction of new facilities. Over the next several years, that will take nearly $6 million. 

The residents and staff of the Ranch are grateful for all donations, large and small, that help turn men from a life of taking, to a life of contributing to their families and society. Our thanks go to all.

"Basic Freedoms"

We need donations of food and beverages, men’s clothing and toiletries, and tools.

"One Man's Freedom"

Save a man’s life without taking him in. For just $300/month for four months, you can help one man start on a path toward sobriety.

"Clunkers For Freedom"

If you haven’t sold it yet; if it’s taking up space and you can’t keep it up or use it, we can! We’ll turn your clunker (or better) into a residents’ project or use it to support our program, and you’ll get a tax deduction while you’re helping to save a life.

Click here to be taken to Freedom Ranch's donation page. Or call their toll-free phone number at: 855-500-7433 (855-500-RIDE)

"Freedom Forever"

If you or someone you love has ever been addicted, you know what Freedom Ranch is all about. To help others now and even after you’re gone, consider including SD Freedom Ranch in your estate plan:

  • Charitable remainder trusts (see below)

  • Grantor-retained annuity trusts

  • Family limited partnerships or family limited liability companies

  • Qualified personal residence trusts

Make a Legacy Donation

If you're evaluating long term financial planning options, and also want to give the Freedom Ranch a major gift, a Charitable Remainder Trust may be an option that benefits everyone.

A Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) is a great tax planning move that can greatly benefit you and the charity of your choice. Personally, you will get a large charitable deduction the year you set up your CRT, followed by a lifetime of income from the trust. At the end of your lifetime, the charity will receive the remainder of the trust, but there is also the potential of giving your heirs an even greater inheritance!

In addition, you will be leaving a lasting legacy with the Freedom Ranch. Contact us today for more information.


  • A CRT is an excellent way to bypass capital gains tax on highly appreciated assets.

  • Depending on how the CRT's assets are invested-- you may receive all or part of your income as capital gains, which can offset capital losses.

  • Assets are removed from your estate and protected from liabilities and creditors because they are within the trust.

  • Avoid estate tax when a spouse or single individual are the only beneficiaries of the CRT.

  • CRTs avoid the probate process completely, so they are not subject to administrative costs.

Thank you to the generous individuals who helped during our Thanksgiving Fundraising Drive.

  • Ann C.

  • Castlelyons Corporation

  • Debra R.

  • Patricia P.

  • Sonnenberg & Company

  • Tom D.

  • Denise M.

  • Donna D.

  • Karen B.

  • Paul G.

  • Art F.

  • East County Lumber & Ranch Supply

  • John B.

  • Walsh Engineering

  • Florence D.

  • Thomas M.

  • Douglas F.

Foundation, Corporate and Major Support

The San Diego freedom Ranch extends our sincere gratitude to these sponsors whose generous contributions continue to make a lasting impact on the lives of our beneficiaries.

If our list is incomplete, please accept our apologies and send your correction to

  • Charles G. & Jessie R. Cale Foundation

  • Samuel H. III & Katherine V. French Fund

  • Grossmont Healthcare District

  • Walter J. & Betty C. Zable Foundation

  • David C. Copley Foundation

  • EBay Charitable Disbursement

  • Curtis Family Trust

  • Cushman Foundation

  • Art Flaming, Freedom Ranch Foundation Board

  • Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

  • Truman C. Kuehn Trust

  • Parker Foundation

  • Conrad Prebys

  • San Diego County Employees Charitable Organization

  • The Truel Stimpson Family Trust, Pamela Dose, trustee

  • Karol Uryga-Nawarowski Foundation

  • Vans Shoes

  • WD-40 Foundation/San Diego Foundation

  • Anonymous

Qualified Charitable Distribution

If you are 70 and 1/2 or older, you may be able to take advantage of a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QDC).  These involve IRA transfers by the Trustee to a qualified charity and have some major tax benefits. The money is not included in taxable income or allowed as a charitable deduction, so in effect the deduction from taxable income is indeed a deduction. Also, a QDC counts towards the annual Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) amount, which is a tremendous opportunity to maximize income tax benefits. 

Contributing capital gain appreciated property if it has been held for over one year is a great way to make charitable contributions with maximum income tax benefits. Several large brokerage firms have tools to assist with making contributions of appreciated publicly traded securities directly to charities out of a brokerage account.

Of course, always consult your tax advisor first.